Well Done Yaashwin! Malaysia Is Proud Of You 

Malaysian ‘human calculator’ Yaashwin Sarawanan has an amazing talent as we had witnessed in the past few months in Asia’s Got Talent 2019 competition.
Give him any sum, no matter however difficult, and he will jump right back with the correct answer.
Him finishing second in the finals of Asia’s Got Talent 2019 competition on Thursday night must now be a booster for him to strive harder to achieve bigger.
This uber-confident youth, still only 15, is surely one to watch. One wonders where his math skills will take him.
As for the finals of the reality show, Yaashwin lost out to Taiwanese magician Eric Chien.
“It was beyond my expectations to be in the top two. From 200 acts, it narrowed down to nine, and today, I was left with Chien,” Yaashwin was reported as saying.
As the top two, Yaashwin had to do a closing performance and chose a “Back to Skool” theme, in which he requested the involvement of all the three judges — David Foster, Anggun Cipta Sasmi and Jay Park — on the stage with him.
He improvised his grand finals act called “calendar problem” where he was able to identify the exact day of a particular event by “calculating” the date, month and year in the calendar.
Foster tested him to name the day he received his first Grammy Award, while Anggun made him backtrack the day her first daughter was born, and Jay Park, his father’s birthday.
All of the judges got the right answers from Yaashwin, the student of SMK Bandar Tun Hussein Onn 2 who enrolled in an abacus and mental arithmetic class when he was seven years old and emerged as champion in the International Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Competition in 2017.
Here is an ending quote from Yaashwin to inspire us:
“My dream is to travel the world and share with people what I can do or perhaps teach them. I want to be an inspiration to many and inspire them to chase for their dreams.”
Read Yaashwin’s interview here

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