This Song Tells You Why We Must Stand Up To Racism

By Rahman
There is a new song making waves on the social media. It reminds us that while we may be of different races or religions, we are all still Malaysians.
The song, with a mixture of Tamil, Malay and English, tells us no to pay heed to those who want to destroy our peace and harmony.
It is produced by Music Kitchen, and performed by Arvind Raj, Pele L. and Touche.
The songs starts:
Melayu, Cina, India tidak berbeza.
Satu sama satu, kami warna Malaysia,
(Malay, Chinese, Indian we are not different
Together we are Malaysians as one colour)
And in between its warns:
They racist,
They tryna split us up,
But face this, I’m colour blind, So underline
And understand
That they got some plans,
To blind us up, But we got to fight, As one we stand.
Published on Dec 5, the music video has seen more than 27,000 views as of Dec 6.
Go on and watch the video here, and click like if you want to stand up against racism as well!

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