Student Life Made Easier

With all the information you need available on the Student Portal, you won’t need to waste precious study time scouting for information. Access and update your personal information, be in-the-know about BAC’s rules and regulations, and take advantage of the many publications we offer to help you in your studies — all for free!

Never Miss a Thing

The new Student Portal keeps you up-to-date with the latest announcements, exam grades and upcoming deadlines so you’ll always be on the ball. This way, you can spend less time and energy looking for information and more time studying!

Access Everything With Just One Log In

We have plenty of information and resources for you to excel in your studies and our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to access them. Through our integrated systems, all you have to do is log in once to access course materials and the e-Resources system, answer emails or browse your calendar!

Tasks Made Easier

The new Student Portal is a fully integrated system that students can access to manage their tasks. For example, exam registrations are made quick and easy – once the task is completed successfully, you will receive a confirmation and be able to see the changes in the portal interface immediately.


Books & Study Materials

We do not believe in compromising on quality, hence our insistence on offering you the best resources for a quality education. We provide a comprehensive selection of high-quality books and study materials to aid your learning process, all for free!

Study Manuals

These detailed notes are meticulously prepared by our lecturers to give you a clearer understanding of the subject matter.


You will be provided with the latest edition of workbooks for the programme syllabus.

Statute Books

A law student’s essential companion. Our statute books contain relevant legal rules and may be used for reference during examinations.


We provide charts and diagrammes that will aid your understanding of the subject matter.

Past Year Questions

Our booklets containing past year questions give you a clear picture of what to expect when it comes to your future assessments.


These publications include suggested answers to past year questions and are designed to help you familiarise with the style of actual examinations.

Compilation of Cases

The compilation of cases aids your understanding and helps you revise.


Promoting Awareness, Good Values & Responsible Behaviour

As a BAC student, you have certain rights and responsibilities with respect to your relationship with fellow students and the university. The rules, regulations and policies in these booklets are intended to foster an environment of mutual respect between you and your fellow students and enhance your educational experience.