Stressed with revision? Fret not, just Flix it!

Find out from our experts how you can prepare for SPM more efficiently with SPMflix

For those about to sit for their SPM exams. This period is a daunting period of preparation, anticipation and stress. But help is at hand: recently spoke to an expert from who offered wise advice on how to ace all SPM papers effectively.

“In a nutshell, SPMflix helps students focus only on what they need to learn, at their own pace and in their preferred style with the convenience of a Virtual Learning Environment”, said Jasbirizla Ilia, Head of Research & Training. “SPMflix comes complete with SPM content presented through a variety of engaging, immersive formats that will enable learning, facilitate recall and most importantly, help students score better”, she adds.



  1. Watch Lesson Videos on
    The combination of graphic and text in videos helps to make you understand and conceptualize the content faster and better. Plus videos are so ‘light’, you won’t feel a thing carrying all those online resources that we have on
  2. Draw Your A’s
    Drawing out the content that you are studying can also be an effective way to conceptualize content. Sometimes, reading and rewriting facts are not enough to help you understand. Studies also shows that, drawing what you imagine from texts or word problems especially for Science and Mathematics subjects can improve your understanding of the subject matter. So, don’t waste your time rewriting, try other methods to improve your understanding!
  3. Practice Makes Perfect
    Over the years, research has shown that test is actually good for you. Regularly testing yourself especially through recall test will enhance your ability to memorize content better than re-studying the content over and over again.

Now It’s Your Turn

Use these simple and effective ways to study by using the quizzes platform via or just do simple recall test of the content on your own and with your friends! Learning is going to be fun again!


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