OFFER to Connect – Human Rights Forum 2.0 – Part 1

OFFER to connect- Human Rights Forum 2.0

This is the continuation of the previous Human Rights Day event which was held on March 10 2018. Kindly refer to the link below for more information.

During the first day, a funfair to raise awareness whereby a replication of a certain aspect of the four topics were created to enable participants to ‘feel’ what the different communities go through. For instance, participants were requested to place their hands in ice cold bucket for a time limit of 30 seconds to enable them to have a glimpse of what an individual with motor neuron diseases, a type of Rare Disease feels daily.  Apart from that, they also placed cardboard boxes and old pillows to replicate the living environment of some of the less fortunate Migrant Workers.

During the second day, there were 5 namely; Sivasangran A/L Kumaran, a parent of a child diagnosed with Pompe Disease representing the Rare Disease Community, Hasan from Al-Hasan Volunteer Network, representing the refugee community, Anna Lissa Galdo from AMMPO-SENTRO representing the Migrant Worker community and Jade See from PLUHO representing the LGBTIQ Community. The event was attended by over 40 participants at PJ Campus, Brickfields Asia College.

Besides executing the forum with guidance from Make It Right Movement Team, these students also managed to plan and develop the OFFER (Only For Future Equal Rights) code. Basic information such as their rights and contacts to reach for assistance from the 4 communities mentioned were compiled by the students which was then stored in the QR Code format to be distributed to the public at large by using their own handheld electronic devices. This effort will be sustained by new students in the coming semesters.

Source: mirm