Choose from over 300 courses, from 30
international partners and affiliates, ranging
from specialist workshops to complete
doctorate programmes, empowering you
to become a global graduate.


Going beyond the classroom, BAC is committed
to your wholesome development,
with over 20 clubs, learn new skills, pursue
passion projects, build new friendships and
have a great time while you do!


Preparing you for the paradigm shifts
that are already in motion, we bring the
world to you through multiple initiatives
as well as providing you with a plethora
of options to experience studying and
living abroad.


Free for BAC students, BAC presents Malaysia’s
first limitless lifelong learning ecosystem
via the world’s most complete education
ecosystem. With bite-size courses daily
to ensure you stay relevant and seamlessly
upskill, multi-skill and reskill to stay ahead!


Transforming lives, the corner stone to the BAC’s philosophy,
BAC gives students a chance to give back and
contribute to building awesome communities through
its established collaborations and partnerships with
over 80 social good entities with over 200 charitable
events annually