Jacinda Ardern – Showing Real Leadership In Time Of Need

The below tweet is posted by social media user, Brooklyn-based community organiser and justice activist Faiza N Ali.

Among the many faces & stories I’ll remember from the #ChristChurchMosque tragedy, I will never forget Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. What a remarkable leader. Not only did she ban assault weapons following the incident, she’s offered financial assistance to the victims familes. pic.twitter.com/LT7cCqjPhK
— Faiza N. Ali (@faiza_n_ali) March 17, 2019

And this is not the only one praising New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern over the way she handled the Christchurch mosques shooting, as well as her support for the victims and their families.
According to BBC, the praise didn’t just come from commentators. Mohammad Faisal, from Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that Ms Ardern “has won the hearts of Pakistanis”, while the Martin King Center – a memorial to Martin Luther King in the US – tweeted that “there’s a leader with love on full display in New Zealand”.
In New Zealand, BBC News correspondent Hywel Griffith says he has “heard her words – ‘we are one, they are us’ – spoken back to me by the families of victims here in Christchurch”.
There is no doubt that this greenhorn prime minister has taken charge of the situation.
Just take a look at how she handled the shooting incident. She swiftly and decisively described the shooting as a “terrorist attack”, showing an awareness and consideration of the fact that “many people feel officials are reluctant to use this word when an attacker is white, even if that attack is politically motivated”.

And she went one better with the way she handled the Muslim community.
She acknowledged the fear and sorrow of this community. She hugged the victims in Christchurch, wearing a black headscarf as a simple show of respect; she gave people the unifying cry “They are us”; and addressing parliament for the first time a few days later, she made a small but bold statement by opening her remarks with the Islamic greeting “As-salaam alaikum”.
She has already announced a clampdown on the country’s lax gun laws, and speaking to the BBC, she promised to “weed out” racism both in New Zealand and globally.
Well done Madam Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. You have been a true hero for everyone, not just for those affected by this dastardly event.

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