Good Samaritan Checks In 70 Homeless People Into A Chicago Hotel 

It’s been brutally cold in Chicago, with temperatures of 20-25 below zero on Wednesday. The homeless encampment near the Dan Ryan Expressway was heated by 150 to 200 portable propane tanks — many of them donated by generous citizens.
Shortly after noon, one of the tanks in the tent city exploded because it was too close to a space heater. That left city officials with no option but to close the encampment and hurry to find shelter for the people living there.
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“Jackie Rachev at the local Salvation Army said she received a call from the city asking her to help provide shelter for around 70 people. But later she got another call saying it was no longer necessary — because a Good Samaritan had offered to pay for hotel rooms.
“The Salvation Army was prepared to welcome approximately 70 individuals who were affected by the explosion, but was notified those services were not necessary as the individuals were already being taken of,” Rachev told CNN. “We are thrilled that they are safe and warm.”
Rachev said she did not know the identity of the Good Samaritan or which hotel the homeless people were booked in. Nor was it clear Thursday how long they will be staying at the hotel.”

The identity of the Good Samaritan is still unknown but it takes a big heart to do what he has done!

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