Glamour Includes: Promoting Inclusive Fashion in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, 5 January 2019 – Under-rated, a group of 2nd year law students from Brickfields Asia College (BAC) in collaboration with the Asian Designers Guild (ADG) founded by Malaysia’s leading fashion designer, Bill Keith, to mark a milestone in raising social awareness on inclusive fashion in Malaysia by successfully staging a fashion show themed “Glamour Includes” located in Central Piazza, KL Gateway Mall on 5 January 2019.

The event was officiated by guests of honour, YB Senator Puan Bathmavathi Krishnan, special needs advocate of Dewan Negara Malaysia and YB Ahmad Fahmi bin Mohamed Fadzil, Member of Parliament for Lembah Pantai as well as Mr Raja Singham, director of the BAC Education Group, drew an overwhelming crowd of over 100 people. The event which was also supported by the Make It Right Movement (MIRM), the CSR arm of the BAC Education Group.

The line-up of amazing models and designers who graced the catwalk were Aveena Devi with a dress designed by Faramas, Amanda Kong dressed by designer Hasfitiri Yusof, Siti Nur Aisyah bt Shahimee dressed by Tuhfah Harssha Mahadevan dressed by Hafiz Carson, NurHana bt Yusof (Hana) dressed by Lidya KL, Lee Jian Wen by Rizal Latif, Amir Hamzah by Alfian Rahmant and finally Rachel Siew in her stylish ethereal-inspired outfit by Bill Keith.

Other interesting aspects of the event include performances and motivational talks which ensued after the catwalk, namely, a live performance by Farhan from Akademi Fantasia Season 4 and motivational talks by Daniel Lee, Malaysian Paralympic wheelchair racer and Sonya Danita, a successful model with vitiligo. There was also a book sharing session by life coach and author, Zhariff Afandi, who shared inspirational excerpts from his debut book ‘SOS: Surfing Out Stuff – A Book of Growth & Guidance’ with the audience.

To sum up the event, Amanda Kong one of the first-time models thrilled to be part of the show exclaimed, “I was grateful to be given an opportunity to be one of the models. This is the first fashion show I attended, and I got to experience a catwalk for the very first time.”

She added, “the efforts and initiatives taken by BAC and the designers from ADG to make this event a success is truly appreciated. I got to know and also work with various amazing individuals. It is a great start to promote inclusivity for Persons with Disability in the Malaysian Fashion Industry.”

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