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BSc (Hons) Supply Chain Management, University of Hull
R/345/6/0262, MQA/FA 2072
Level Undergraduate
Intakes January / April / June/ September
Study Mode Full Time /
Duration 3 years (1+2), (2+1)
Programme UK Transfer Degree Programme (Business)
School Business School

The word ‘business’ is broad-based because it encompasses a wide range of concepts and activities. Logistics and supply chain management is one aspect of business that has not received much attention from the public. These management skills are not exactly visible, but they are very crucial, especially for major businesses that require the delivery of goods from one location to the other.

Learn to manage complex supply chains and the interconnected stakeholder relationships that support them with this programme. This programme prepares you to work in the very challenging and dynamic field of logistics which demands fast, efficient and accurate strategic business decisions. You will be exposed to multiple logistics activities and applications such as inbound and outbound logistics, aviation, and land transport which includes rail, road and off-road transport.

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