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BA (Hons) Business Management (Enterprise), Birmingham City University
N/345/6/0262, MQA/PA 207
Level Undergraduate
Intakes January / September
Study Mode Full Time /
Duration 3 years (1+2)
Programme UK Transfer Degree Programme (Business)
School Business School

You will gain a broad understanding of how businesses operate and you will develop the techniques and principles to succeed in today's economic climate. As well as teaching the overall skills, attitudes and behaviours needed in business, this course will recognise your individual promise and help to shape you as a budding and innovative entrepreneur.

You will learn how to harness creativity to solve business problems and make better products and services. We explore the pros and cons of freelancing, the challenges of launching a business and how to take an innovative product to market. There is also a focus on how start-up ventures and small businesses can prosper in the global landscape.


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