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BA (Hons) Business & Information Systems, University of Hertfordshire
N/345/6/0262, MQA/PA 207
Level Undergraduate
Intakes January / April / June/ September
Study Mode Full Time /
Duration 3 years (1+2)
Programme UK Transfer Degree Programme (Business)
School Business School

The business world is dominated by the need to analyse information and hence to make appropriate decisions. This means setting up processes to identify the information requirements of an organisation and to analyse data so that appropriate decisions and strategies can be adopted.

This field of study will give you a sound foundation in information systems from the basics of management information systems to dedicated decision support, database and expert systems. It also covers project management and the use of information systems as a strategic tool. This field of study will equip you with the knowledge and skills to work in, or to interface with, the computer industry.

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