Colourful lions bring Chinese New Year joy to BAC and IACT

The performance was brought to life by a pair of bright pink lions, which danced to the thunderous accompaniment of drums, cymbals and gongs, with the crowd’s cheers and applause adding to the festive atmosphere. Aside from the lions, the other star of the day was Mr Raja Singham’s daughter Alisha, who was pleasantly surprised by a rousing performance of “Happy Birthday” by the lion dance troupe in celebration of her birthday.

The lions brought good luck and fortune to each staff member by visiting them at their workstations, while the clanging of the cymbals and the loud beating of drums and gongs reverberated across the hallways and offices, chasing away evil spirits and bad luck. Many staff members seized the opportunity to take selfies with the lions when they made their rounds, while others recorded the walkabout to remember the happy occasion.

From the wide smiles and happy faces of the students and staff, it was clear to see that everyone had a great time ushering in Chinese New Year, the BAC way!