An amazing feat: Lim Fang Ni (Recipient of the Malaysian Law Scholarship to King’s College, London)

BAC_UOL_Lim Fang Ni (AUG2018)-min

Lim Fang Ni, BAC’s first year law student under the University of London (UOL – External) law programme was recently awarded the Malaysian Law Scholarship to King’s College, London for attaining the highest marks in the world.

“Fang Ni’s achievement of 297 marks in her Year 1 exams is an amazing mark and one that she deserves entirely,” enthused Daniel Abishegam, General Manager & Senior Lecturer. “The faculty at BAC and I are immensely proud of her and know that she is going to make herself, her family and BAC proud as she walks down the hallways at King’s College, London.”

Fang Ni was encouraged to pursue law by her mother upon completion of her SPM examinations. She headed over to BAC after coming across the college on Facebook.

Another interesting fact about Fang Ni is her Chinese formal education and upbringing- “I only picked up English properly in A-Levels…in school, most of my friends were Chinese and there was no opportunity for me to speak in English.” However, when she enrolled in BAC, she recalls, “having many Indian friends who could only understand or communicate with me in English” and this encouraged her to converse more often in English and become proficient in the language.

Fang Ni credits her family and her lecturers at BAC for her outstanding achievement. She expressed gratitude to her lecturers who were “helpful, approachable and always available to answer our questions, particularly Ms Amenda (Contract Law) and Ms Puvaneswary (Criminal Law).”

Her advice to those aspiring to pursue law is “consistent reading” and getting acquainted with a heavy load of reading material. She highlights that studying for a law exam requires diligent preparation on a regular basis by “revising your lectures notes after lectures/tutorials instead of last minute studying like in primary or secondary school. Attempting past year questions and writing assignments is equally crucial as you will be able to gauge your understanding of the law based on your lecturers’ feedback.”

Fang Ni attributes her BAC experience in pursuing a law degree as a rewarding one as “it developed my critical thinking skills and the various clubs helped me engage with others and allowed me to contribute to charitable causes”.

She looks forward with excitement to complete her law degree at King’s College, London, an esteemed institution for law and legal studies, where she hopes to embrace the UK experience known for its rich culture and heritage.

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