Fully funded by the BAC Education Group and supported by the Ministry of Education, is a not-for-profit holistic learning organisation that drives:

  • The development and delivery of specialised learning content in collaboration with teachers and educators based on the Malaysian school syllabus
  • Online learning engagements including weekly e-Tuition sessions and webinars
  • Teacher engagement and training focusing on the use of technology in the classroom
  • Student support services including online and in-person exam prep programmes and the provision of free revision materials.

The academic content and support services are offered to Malaysian students, teachers and parents completely free thanks to BAC’s sponsorship.

Not Just Online But Offline Too!

Revolutionising the way SPM students learn, BACfreeschool has developed various revision books which have been specifically developed and customised to be an all-in-one revision resource packed with comprehensive notes aimed to provide students with clear, easy-to-understand points with emphasis on highly relevant and crucial areas of study.

What truly makes BACfreeschool exclusive SPM-books a unique and interactive educational experience is that students will also have unlimited access to numerous video tutorials at their fingertips. This enables students to learn on demand anywhere, anytime. With ability to pause, rewind, stop and play the tutorial, students can replay important points that they need to remember, which is essential for memory retention in preparation for exams. The multi-dimensional experience will also allow students with different learning aptitudes to retain and reinforce information in a method more suited to them.

BACfreeschool also offers thousands of SPM students the chance to fine-tune their exam preparations with free revision seminars in Chemistry, Biology, Sejarah, Add Maths and Bahasa Melayu, among others. These seminars are held at BAC and are conducted by experienced academics and cover exam preparation tips, revision classes and past paper discussions.