A Club to Give Students a Clearer Career Perspective

The Career Club of BAC is made up of three arms – professional, student and the educational arms. The aim is to equip and prepare students of Brickfields Asia College and IACT College for professional career challenges of the future.

The Career Club’s core mission is to help students garner a clearer perspective of what they want, in a meaningful and fulfilling career, by providing them with a platform to develop their soft skills and opportunities to network with people from various industries and backgrounds.

Career Club president Mir Javeed is excited about ensuring he leaves behind a well-laid out structure for future office bearers to continue the club’s visions and missions.

“My vision is to put industry leaders of all walks of life, whether they are politicians, diplomats, ambassadors, lawyers or businessmen, in front of our students so that they can talk to them, tell them that they too have been where the students are at now, that they’ve done exactly what the students are doing now, and tell them that the professional world may not be as scary as they think it is.

“And if it is, tell the students what to expect, the challenges, the hardships they have faced and how best to either avoid them or tackle them so that our students can walk into the working world ready,” explains Mir, a final year law student doing the UOL external programme.

The Career Club wants students of BAC to learn what the actual working world is like. There are times when graduates enter their industry and face a terrible working culture that can range from an environment of being openly sexist to being racially discriminative.

More often than not, whether it stems from a lack of knowledge or because they are outnumbered, they decide that maybe this is how it is, and end up conforming to that work environment.

The platform offered by the Career Club will not stop at just getting industry leaders to give talks, rather the club encourages the dialogue to carry on.

“The last thing I want for this club is to carry the quintessential definition of a Career Club, rather this platform will exist for the students to air any questions or concerns they may have with the career world in general.

“I want the students to ask difficult and challenging questions to the industry leaders, questions such as, what is being done to narrow the wage gap or gender inequality? What will change by the time I graduate as a woman and walk into the working world? What is being done to curb racial disparity and discrimination of the working world in a minor-major ethnicity working culture?” said Mir.

Young Mir is quite the visionary. He is clear about his objectives and is earnest about carrying them out effectively.

“I have worked towards opening the Career Club platform to the students, where young visionaries can come and tell their story, their idea, their journey, to motivate our students, or to spread awareness among the youth.

“We will have students who have struggled and successfully beaten adversities in any walk of life, persevered and can stand in front of our students and say, “You can do this too”.”

Mir goes on to add that this will be available for not just BAC students but also students from other educational entities who may not have such a platform.

It has to be established here that the Career Club is an educational platform that provides a range of services including career advice, internship advice, study method guides as well as works as various workshops.

The educational content will be curated under the counsel of the academic faculty.